About Us

Built on the belief (and data) that a caring workplace is a profitable workplace.

WorkLife Partnership is the first nonprofit organization in Colorado to deploy strategic talent engagement and retention programs that deliver proven ROI.

Unlike traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs), WorkLife Partnership provides personalized and localized assistance to low/middle-skilled employees who need new skills and/or resources to address challenges such as finances, health, child care or transportation — which endanger their ability to make a living, contribute to the economy and drive company productivity.

Our model is being adopted across the nation for its efficacy in engaging human capital, protecting the bottom line and building more inclusive workplace cultures.

Our Vision

Enhancing the lives of people at work for a more prosperous community.

Our Mission

Leverage community resources to advance workers and improve lives.

Our  Values


We will accomplish our goals to increase economic opportunity for every worker by joining forces and leveraging resources between government, nonprofits, and businesses.


All people are able to access resources, opportunities, and leverage networks to build better lives, businesses, and communities.


A more prosperous community where the working family’s need for stability is harmonized with the employer’s imperative for a thriving and profitable workplace.

Proof of Impact

To measurably enhance the lives of employers and employees with a sustainable community-business collaboration model.

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