Support Our Work


Support Our Work

Your financial support helps Colorado’s working families thrive, provide for their children and become more engaged workers, parents and community members.

Sometimes an $11 bus ride or some help with childcare is the difference between keeping a job or losing it. Many of Colorado’s workers and their families face obstacles like this every day. Your donation to WorkLife Partnership goes directly to personalized assistance that turns barriers into opportunities.

Will You Join Our Mission to Stabilize Working Families and Their Communities?

Donate to WorkLife Partnership

Your donation helps keep people at work and supports career development for sustainable communities.

Where Your Money Goes

Whether you’re an individual donor, a small business, a corporation or a friend — here are just a few ways your investment can be focused:


Help us develop an innovative online training program that empowers employees to build essential workplace skills and better provide for their families.


Building Resiliency

Ensure we are equipped with the current knowledge and skills to effectively help Colorado’s employees navigate barriers to work.


Small Business Access

Support entrepreneurs by growing our services to small businesses and their employees across Colorado’s Front Range.


Job Coaching

Provide employees access to job-fit technology under guidance from a WorkLife Navigator.


Leadership and Improvement

Enhance our services through program evaluation, staff training, performance incentives and leadership development.


The Essentials

Support Colorado employees by covering the costs of childcare, bus passes, housing or other financial barriers to work. All support is accompanied with financial health and education.


Skill Building Workshop

Help people improve their job performance, satisfaction and marketability with workshops on finances, conflict management, computer skills, and more.


Gift Cards

Fund gift cards to help people purchase groceries and gas to get to work.


Corporate Sponsorship

When you give to WorkLife, you provide housing, medical assistance, food, safety, or heat to workers in your industry. Your industry will ultimately thrive through this small investment to sustain your talent supply.

WorkLife is interested in building long-lasting partnerships with businesses so that our success reflects on your corporate social responsibility (CSR) portfolio. The WorkLife model will help your business realize tangible return on investments when you sponsor our programs.

Contact us to discuss how our model fits your CSR and business objectives and for information about our Corporate Sponsorship Package.

In 2016, WorkLife Partnership:

Saved 626 Jobs

90% of employees who worked with us stayed employed

Saved Colorado businesses $1.6M in employee turnover costs

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Other Ways to Help

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Couple one of your personal goals with community giving. We’ll both win!


Give your time and talents to our mission. Some of the ways to help include becoming a volunteer tax preparer for tax season, participating in one of our Board subcommittees, or volunteering your expertise to help build our value-add to the community.

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