Establish a Stable Workforce and Maintain Their Employment and Productivity

We connect your employees with the resources they need to overcome life’s many obstacles, all while providing you with actionable data to help increase retention, enhance productivity, and improve your bottom line.

Give your employees the individualized support they need in life to feel successful at work—all while gaining insight into their evolving needs so you can better support them in the future.

For Your Employees
Resource Navigator

A real, live person guiding your employees through life’s ups and downs


Assistance within 24 hours


Unlimited, confidential, and unbiased support

For Your Business
Worker Insights

Insights revealing the real issues affecting employee engagement


Industry-specific data comparisons to evaluate pay, benefits, and other differentiators


Consultation with our executive leaders on improving job quality


 Resource Navigators have the expertise to support employees with anything that might keep them from meeting their potential.

Areas of Expertise


→  Stress management




→  Career advancement

→  Employee benefits

  Goal setting

→  Navigating medical bills

Managing relationships

 Our Worker Insights come directly from the thousands of one-on-one conversations our Navigators have with employees across the country.


“I need to find a place to rent that is closer to work, but my credit isn’t good and I don’t have the money for a deposit. I am really struggling financially even though I am working a second job like crazy to help.”


Financial Uncertainty

“Due to not receiving unemployment, we have depleted our savings and are barely scraping by on what we have in our checking. Childcare is costing us more than our mortgage each month. We are having trouble affording groceries and diapers. “


Cost of Living

“I haven’t been able to pay some of my monthly bills due to pandemic related issues. I work four jobs just to stay afloat. I am very stressed on a regular basis about loans to friends that need repaid because I haven’t been able to make enough.”

92% of surveyed employees say they feel good working for a company that partners with us.