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jobZology™: What Is it?

A Colorado software firm, jobZology™ is dedicated to impacting the social and financial health of companies that want to disrupt traditional employment practices to find, keep and blossom the right talent using scientific measures of fit to job, team and company culture. From employee engagement to automated talent match, finding and keeping the right employee can be simple when it’s science and when it’s jobZology™

jobZology™ portfolio of offerings:

Hire! Automated tools that ensure talent selection is based on scientific predictors of a candidate’s job satisfaction, commitment, and loyalty. Take the guesswork out of the interview process and understand the candidates FIT long before you even meet them.

Ignite! Automation and self-service tools for employees augmenting HR services in the area of career life planning, career guidance and review preparation. Put meaningful information in the hands of your employee. Enable them to turn on their career path.

Engage! Automated tools to measure and assess the level of engagement, loyalty, satisfaction and cultural ethos of your workforce. Easy to use analytics presented in an executive dashboard to quickly gain insights into the emotional climate that will have impact to the financial and bottom line. Protect what’s great and change for the better.

Employers signing up for Jobzology through WorkLife Partnership receive a discount.


Health Links

Health Links: The best companies attract the best employees. Turn your worksite wellness program into a competitive advantage. Get recognition for your commitment to worksite wellness and safety. Small businesses (offices with less than 500 employees) with a worksite wellness program in place can apply for a Health Links™ Healthy Business Certification. This commendation recognizes your efforts and promotes you as a champion for worksite health and safety in your industry and community.