You may have seen this statistic on our website and in our reporting:

66% of employees we serve say they feel more confident in their abilities to handle similar life challenges in the future.

Increased confidence is one of the three metrics (followed by job retention and stress reduction) we use to measure the positive impact WorkLife Resource Navigators have on your workforce. When working with a Resource Navigator, your employees are not just getting connected to community resources—they’re being coached on having difficult conversations with their landlords, they’re being empowered to take control of thousands of dollars in medical debt, and they’re getting the tools and information they need to be better prepared for whatever life throws at them…not just today but months, and even years, from now. 

The self-confidence employees build when working with a Resource Navigator isn’t limited to what’s happening in their home life. Employees bring this confidence to work with them every day—and the more confident your employees are the more successful they will be in their roles. 

Confidence extends far beyond the individual, and businesses can reap these rewards. Here are three reasons why having confident employees benefit your business:

  1. Confident employees are less stressed. And when employees are less stressed, they are more focused on the job. Picture this: You’re a new manager of a growing team. And while your company trusted you enough to give you a promotion, you’ve had minimal leadership training. You begin to question the decisions you’re making and you’re feeling insecure about leading your team. These feelings of self-doubt and worry manifest as stress, and now you’re spending more of your work week feeling overwhelmed than you are feeling focused and productive. Not only does a stressed-out workforce significantly disrupt business operations, but it comes with a hefty price tag. From absenteeism to on-the-job accidents, it’s estimated that stress costs U.S. businesses across more than $300 billion a year
  2. Confident employees are higher performers. According to a survey conducted by Indeed, 98% of workers said that they perform better when they feel confident. Confidence gives employees the ability to problem solve in difficult situations, even when they’re running up against tight deadlines. Confident employees are also more willing to take on new projects and get outside of their comfort zones because they aren’t stymied by the fear of making mistakes. Employees who lack self-confidence may second guess their decisions and take longer to complete tasks, ultimately slowing their overall productivity. 

  3. Confident employees are loyal. A survey conducted by West Monroe Partners found that 82% of employees felt a sense of loyalty to their current employer. However, that same survey reported that nearly 60% of employees would leave their current jobs for a better offer. Building employee confidence is one approach to increase your employees’ willingness to stay—even when a better offer shows up. According to Indeed, 96% of workers they surveyed said they are more likely to stay at a company if they felt confident in their roles. 

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