Business Support and Technical Assistance

Offering a range of external development, research, policy, and advocacy services, WorkLife can help you develop long-term business strategies that help sustain your success in the marketplace.

Staff at WorkLife learn their craft and bring their passion, knowledge, and interest to your business. Whether it’s getting connected with Colorado’s Federal WIOA programming, accessing new benefits in legislation, navigating business credits, learning about national sector-strategy models, or just exploring quality-employment offerings, WorkLife can help. Our Navigators are specialized in community economic mobility issues like financial empowerment programming, housing, and transportation. Our leadership is deeply connected to initiatives, agencies, and programs to organize a “supply chain” for your talent needs.

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Human Resources Consulting

We use our data to help advance your workplace culture and understanding of your workforce.  Some of our inspirations come from new trends in the HR field that call for more alignment of talent management strategies with business objectives, and applying data to drive change. We work with “High Road Employers” who want to do good and do well by their front-line workforce while also improving the company’s bottom line.