How Can Worklife Help?

Improve Employee Well-being with Our
Resource Navigator Benefits

WorkLife Partnership improves employee well-being through connections to resources and support from people who care. Our Resource Navigators ensure your employees are supported, help them address whatever is preventing them from success, and create a place where your employees want to work.

By providing your employees with the support they need, you can increase their engagement and retention positive impact on your business.

  • Minimize work disruptions
  • Decrease absenteeism,
  • Improve your workers’ financial stability

“After talking with the Navigator, I go back to work a better person
and I am more productive knowing that I’m making progress in my life.”

Start A Conversation.
So you can get your employees the help they need and empower them to bring their best selves to work.


of employees feel good working for a company that offers a Resource Navigator


say they’re more likely to stay at their company because a Resource Navigator is available


of employees feel good working for a company that offers a Resource Navigator

Give your employees the individualized support they need in life to feel successful at work—all while gaining insight into their evolving needs so you can better support them in the future.

For Your Employees
Resource Navigator

A real, live person guiding your employees through life’s ups and downs


Assistance within 24 hours


Unlimited, confidential, and unbiased support

For Your Business
Worker Insights

Insights revealing the real issues affecting employee engagement


Industry-specific data comparisons to evaluate pay, benefits, and other differentiators


Consultation with our executive leaders on improving job quality