It’s important to create a culture in your workplace that encourages your talent to stay. However, you don’t want to offer an environment that’s too comfortable and prevent those employees who are not a good fit from staying on past their welcome. Here are some tips you can employ to strike the perfect balance in your workplace’s culture.

1. Create a Culture of Respect

Respect is paramount in making both you, and your team, feel safe and happy in the workplace. Established a zero tolerance policy against any forms of disrespect, harassment, discrimination, gossip, or insubordination from or amongst your employees. Likewise, you should treat your team respectfully, routinely showing them that you trust them and their ability to perform to your expectations without micro-managing or nagging them on a daily basis. Respect is the foundation of any functional and successful place of business.

2. Create a Culture of Security

The term “job security” has almost become cliché in our society. Everybody wants to feel secure, but how many people truly are in this ever-changing job market? Regularly impress upon your team that as long as they’re performing up to your expectations, they need not worry about losing their jobs. Give them enough time to prepare if you plan to make changes in their benefit packages or hours. Avoid mass layoffs, and be discreet when letting underperforming employees go. Never give your talent reason to wring their hands with worry in anticipation of going to work each day.

3. Create a Culture of Excitement

Let’s face it. No one enjoys being bored. And though most of us have to perform some ho hum tasks as part of our everyday workload, we need our jobs to make us feel somewhat alive and excited! A happy employee is a productive employee. Even if your team’s occupations may not be regarded as being exhilarating, you can still make coming to work fun. Something as simple as keeping your employees abreast of the company’s achievements, or a daily e-mailed greeting each morning can set the tone for a good work day for all. And no, you’re not responsible for entertaining your staff, but keeping the workplace mood fun, optimistic, and lighthearted can be the best motivation of all.

4. Create a Culture of Integrity

Your team looks up to, and you are the best example of who they should aspire to ultimately become, professionally speaking. Be genuine, honest, kind, upfront, and accessible to them. Do what you say you’re going to do, and say what you mean 100% of the time. Don’t give your employees any reason to ever doubt that you’re going to lead them to the best of your ability and be a straight shooter all along the way. Expect the same level of integrity from them, and show them that you believe their up to the challenge.

5. Create a Culture of Communication

While you’re the boss, and your staff ultimately has to answer to you, work hard to give them the sense that you’re on a level playing field. Each individual employee should be able to feel that they can come to you any time, for any reason, and freely let you know what’s on his or her mind. Employ an open-door policy that shows your team you’re ready and willing to communicate with them whenever need be. Don’t be secretive, sly, crafty, or cryptic. Minute by minute, hour by hour, keep in touch with those who dedicate their valuable time to trying to make you proud.

Your employees chose to work for you, and it’s important that you make it worth their while. Monetary compensation and a great benefits package are only two factors that make a job worth having. Create a wonderful workplace culture that encourages your team to come back every day and give you their very best. Ultimately, you’ll reap the rewards of having a happy team!