Denver Health Case Study
Denver Health began partnering with WorkLife Partnership in 2016 because they needed a confidential resource for their employees that also complemented their current benefit offerings. 

The Problem

Denver Health employees were struggling to overcome multiple life challenges, including financial instability, childcare concerns, and unreliable transportation. With all of this in mind, Denver Health
sought an HR partner that would help support a holistic wellness program that not only addressed the unique needs their employees, but also provided a resource for their HR team and leadership to leverage when employees came to them in need of support.

The Solution


Denver Health integrated WorkLife’s Resource Navigator service into their wellness program so that their employees receive access to the support and resources they need to achieve long-term, whole-person wellness.

Our Impact at Denver Health

Denver Health employees receiving support from a Resource Navigator report:

more likely to stay at their company because the Navigator was available.

feel good working for a company that provides a Resource Navigator.

feel more confident.


say they are now less stressed.

Denver Health Has Also Seen

Positive Change to Work/Life Culture


Because Denver Health employees have a dedicated resource to help them overcome personal challenges, they are less stressed at work—which means they are also more engaged in providing positive patient experiences and improving their work relationships.

Increased Company Loyalty

Denver Health employees have reported significant impact to their work life after working with our Resource Navigators. This has built stronger company loyalty among teams.

Relief for Managers


A Navigator’s support saves Denver Health managers valuable time. Managers can now refer employees to a Resource Navigator, trusting that their teams will get the help they need when they need it.

Improved Financial Health


WorkLife allowed Denver Health to better understand the challenges their employees were facing which prompted them to launchin partnership with WorkLifea Small Dollar Loan program that helps employees struggling with unaffordable or unexpected expenses.

“Providing our employees with access to WorkLife Navigators and services has been one of our most valuable and well-utilized employee well-being initiatives during these very difficult last few years. If you have a goal you’re working towards or a problem you’re trying to solve, WorkLife Navigators can help. When I refer an employee to WorkLife, I know they’re in great hands. WorkLife’s willingness to understand our organization’s unique culture, needs, and challenges has been instrumental in providing employees with the specific support they need to thrive both at work and outside of work.”

– Kristin Ellis, MPH, MURP
Workplace Wellness Strategist, Denver Health