Energy Outreach Colorado’s (EOC) affordable energy programs help vulnerable Coloradans manage energy use and stay safe at home. There are important ways that energy conservation can help Coloradans better afford their home energy bills, while they also reduce their energy consumption and power use.

WorkLife is partnering with Energy Outreach Colorado to provide free training to employees who attend a 20-minute class on energy bill basics and no cost energy saving opportunities. All attendees receive one free LED light bulb.

How much does it cost to run your A/C unit 24/7 for a month? How much does it cost to leave your phone cord plugged in all the time? Learn how and why this matters and how you can decrease your monthly energy bill.

All consumers benefit when they better understand their energy utilities and take advantage of existing programs that can help them reduce their costs and decrease energy consumption.

Contact your WorkLife Navigator today to schedule this free training for your company.