FirstBank Case Study

When FirstBank—a Colorado-based bank and financial services company—partnered with WorkLife, they needed support with reducing turnover and increasing employee morale in their call center.

The Problem

FirstBank employees were bringing their personal issues to work, which meant their managers were spending 3–5 hours each week listening to their team members’ concerns and trying to help them overcome personal challenges. This left managers spending less time focused on business operations.

The Solution


Through their partnership with WorkLife, FirstBank has been able to provide their employees with a unique benefit—WorkLife Resource Navigators—that connects their call center team to personalized resources and ongoing support.

Our Impact at FirstBank

of call center employees have met with a WorkLife Resource Navigator.

of those employees kept their jobs

say they are now less stressed.


hours saved per week by managers in solving employee personal issues.

FirstBank Has Also Seen

Positive Change in WorkLife Culture


Because FirstBank employees now have a dedicated resource to help them overcome personal challenges, they are less stressed at work—which means they are also more engaged in providing positive customer experiences and improving their work relationships.

Increased Company Loyalty

A year after partnering with WorkLife, FirstBank employees have reported they feel their employer truly cares about them. This has built stronger company loyalty among their teams. 

Relief for Managers


FirstBank managers have reported feeling significant relief in being able to refer employees to a Resource Navigator, trusting that their teams will get the help they need when they need it.