Thanks to Work Life, my daughter and I were able to utilize a resource that helped us to get a new propane heater. Ours had went out 2 days before a winter storm was coming in and within a day Work Life helped save us from freezing by getting us a heater the day before the storms hit. And they applied some funds to our electric bill to help us out! Thank You Work Life, We will Forever be grateful for all your help!

I reached out to Worklife after learning about them in my New Hire Orientation.

I was amazed at the kindness and dedication shown by Maria, the Navigator assigned to me.

One of the areas I really needed assistance in is in purchasing my uniform.

She sent me a Walmart gift card to assist with purchasing scrubs for my new position!

This helped lift such a burden!

I have since reached out to Worklife for help picking my Healthplan, affordable housing list, food banks, and even reached out on behalf of coworkers in need for information!

I regularly print out Worklife fliers and pass them out to coworkers and leave them in the breakrooms… so many were unaware of this amazing service!

Thank you all for what you do!

I am so thankful for the opportunity I was given to be able to use the money for bills, food, etc.

Have been feeling alone and overwhelmed with so much going on lately. It was recommended by a coworker to check this out for a resource. Wow! Engaged quickly and got the support I needed. Feeling like I have a plan instead of an overwhelmed mess. I’ve got some work to do yet “for me” but don’t feel alone! As a strong person, I lean on myself well. However, there are times when me, myself and I just aren’t enough.

WorkLife Partnership answered many of my questions. I had a death in my family that caused me to miss work unpaid. I called for help and solutions to my issues. The lady researched my area to help with my financial problems. My car needed fixing and she helped to get me funds to fix my car. Thank you very much WorkLife partnership.