WorkLife Partnership helped about 250 working families file their taxes for free this year.

We worked with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, or VITA, again to help bring free tax filing services to our member companies as a benefit of our year-round work. The aim of these services are the working families who need help most. Free tax prep through VITA is available to families earning less than $55,000 yearly and to single people earning under $35,000 annually.

Total impact: $366,000 injected into the Colorado economy.

It can cost upwards of $200 to $250 and more to get your taxes filed through a national service. That’s an overwhelming cost for somebody making $16 an hour. It results in people not taking all of the credits and deductions they deserve.

Hardworking Colorado families saved $81,700 on paying somebody to file their return with WorkLife’s help. Those families received a combined total of $284,000 in state and federal returns.

WorkLife Partnership is the only organization in Colorado providing VITA services within the workplace with the support of our employer members. Last year, we visited eight different workplaces in partnership with Denver Asset Building Coalition, which offers tax prep and financial education.

This program reduces stress and helps hardworking people keep their money to buy necessities and create an emergency savings fund.

Learn more about bringing this benefit to your employees here.