It can be hard to find a decent apartment. While we can’t solve all of the problems with the rental market and landlords, there are tangible ways we help our clients. When employers become members, our confidential help is FREE to employees. Our return on investment was nearly 545% in 2017!
Stress affects job performance and attendance and hurts the bottom line. Something like trying to find a place to live is a common problem faced by our clients.
Not long ago, a single mom was searching for better housing. She and her child were staying with friends and family, but it was not a long-term solution. Knowing she needed help to find a place of their own, the mother reached out to the WorkLife Navigator offered by her employer.
With the WorkLife Navigator, the mom came up with a monthly budget for the new apartment. The Navigator compiled a list of affordable housing options in the area the mother and child wanted to live. The mother went down the list only to find no vacancies and apartments that were too expensive.
They went back to the drawing board and came up with a second list of possible apartments. The WorkLife Partnership Navigator also reached out to a few leasing offices and gave the mother a lead on an apartment that was in the desired geographic area and affordable. Knowing the vacancy may not last, the Navigator helped the client contact the apartment office to secure the home.
The mom and her child finally moved and now have their own space. The mother was so thankful. The Navigator told the mother, “You did all the hard work. I only gave you a list.”