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Are you spending more than 30% of your income on housing? Colorado’s housing rates are skyrocketing, so it’s no surprise you might be having a hard time finding a place to live. We don’t have apartments for sale, but we will help you think through alternatives and options within your budget.

Written Navigator Case Studies

WorkLife Case Study: Helping an Employee Find Affordable Housing
From the case files of WorkLife Navigator MariSol Little

Our employee client and her son were able to save a lot of money by living with family friends, but their living situation had become tense and it was apparent that better housing was a high priority.

She reached out to Navigator MariSol Little to assist in her search for housing; together they worked on a budget and calculated a range of $800-1100. MariSol sprang into action, compiling a list of affordable housing options in the area the client desired and then paring the list by placing calls to inquire about cost and vacancy. When this search didn’t yield anything affordable or available, MariSol built a second list based on leads she received from leasing offices.

The second search yielded a lead, which MariSol passed on to the client so she could contact the leasing office and put down a deposit. The client and her son moved into their new apartment a few months after her initial contact with MariSol.

Tax Return

We’re the only organization that does free tax returns AT THE WORKPLACE- keeping confidential and flexible to your needs. We focus our services from Jan-April each year and will announce our scheduled dates for your worksite in December. We can also work on more serious issues throughout the year.

Financial Stress

85% of the employees we work with have an underlying financial issue- whether it’s ‘more month than money’ or ‘asset management’ – we help people making $15K to $150K a year with personal cash-flow, retirement, college, or elder care are popular topics.

WorkLife Case Study: Facing Down Tax Problems and Financial Pressure
From the case files of WorkLife Navigator Nathan Crow

An employee client was having a hard time after her husband passed away. She was left owing a large amount of back taxes to the IRS due to his improper filings in the previous years. In an attempt to resolve the issue, she met with a local firm to file her previous year’s return, only to find out that she was being charged hundreds of dollars for the service. Unable to pay these fees and in a state of panic, the client reached out to WorkLife Navigator Nathan Crow.

Nathan talked with the client about her situation and helped her call the tax firm to cancel her filing so she did not have to pay the hundreds of dollars. They were then able to connect the client with free tax assistance. After researching her IRS situation together, they discovered she could file for complete relief of the back taxes owed, which she successfully did.

To address her immediate budget shortfall, Nathan connected the client with help for her utility bills and in securing a loan through the hospital foundation. This helped the client gain new financial and emotional footing in her life.


Career coaching that helps you identify your career goals, wage goals, and dreams for your family.


Are you spending more than 30% of your income on housing? Colorado’s housing rates are skyrocketing, so it’s no surprise you might be having a hard time finding a place to live. We don’t have apartments for sale, but we will help you think through alternatives and options within your budget.

WorkLife Case Study: Fulfilling the Dream of Home Ownership
From the case files of WorkLife Navigator Logan Jones

A Worklife employee client wanted to become a first-time homebuyer within the next few years, but was a little unsure of the process. He approached WorkLife Navigator Logan Jones for some advice.

Together, they looked at his credit report and saw that while his overall score was in good shape, there were a few areas where the client could improve. So they made a plan: The client would obtain a secured card through his credit union, as well as open a traditional credit card account that didn’t have an annual fee. This allowed him to add credit utilization to his report, showing that he was capable of maintaining multiple credit lines and a revolving credit line that was previously missing from his credit profile.

After opening these accounts, Logan and the client worked together to ensure that new balances were being paid off; the client started getting the perks of an improved credit score without credit card interest cutting into his cash flow. This is helping as Logan and the client work hand in hand to keep the home-buying plan on track.

Elder Care

Trying to navigate care for your loved ones as they journey into old age is time consuming and daunting for even the best-networked person. We can help with finding legal assistance, resources, programs, and services that fit your family’s needs.


We all experience it, but when it’s always there, it affects our relationships, family, friends, co-workers, your health and your ability to perform on the job. Your Navigator always first listen then provide you some strategies to help.

WorkLife Case Study: From Desperation to New Opportunity
From the case files of other WorkLife Navigators

A WorkLife employee client was the primary caretaker for her father, who had become increasingly senile and abusive over time. After more than a year without employment, she and her father had been homeless for over three months and were having to live with their cats in their car while the weather was in the single digits.

When the client first approached WorkLife Navigator Madeline Replogle, her hair was falling out from stress.  She was unable to afford food, clothes or gas to take her to work, and had no hope of finding enough money for a security deposit on the two-bedroom apartment that she and her father needed.

Madeline was able to connect the client and her father with an emergency shelter and food resources — as well as a cat boarding house that agreed to waive all fees. The client began searching for apartments; during this time Madeline helped her secure $2,300 towards an old energy bill, $600 in deposit assistance from a local agency, furniture and other household items. The client and her father were able to move into an apartment.

After settling in her new home, Madeline worked with the client to find affordable counseling to help her develop strategies for handling her father’s mood swings without risking any trauma to her. The client currently has a permanent position at her placement company, a promotion that is in part due to the support provided to her by WorkLife.

Talk to Your Manager

#1 reason people leave their job is because of their manager. Ask your navigator to help role-play difficult discussions that you want to have with your managers. Turn conflict into an opportunity to improve your professional development. We’ll help with negotiations, better job-fit conversations, or concerns.

Career Fit Assessment

We use tools like JobZology to help you find your values, interests, and preferences in your work and then coach on how to talk about them to your supervisors.

WorkLife Case Study: Finding Better Opportunities at Work
From the case files of WorkLife Associate Navigator Brittany Cole

A manager who was struggling with both her personal and management skills reached out to WorkLife Navigator Brittany Cole for guidance around team building and personal professional development. Brittany developed a team-building exercise for the manager’s staff, building relationships and defining common goals in the workplace — which, upon later evaluation, resulted in increased productivity. Employees reported stronger relationships with individual staff members and were more committed to supporting each other in times of need.

But this revealed another challenge; in working individually with the department manager, Brittany found her unhappy with her position. Together they explored her talents and desire to advance in the company. They developed the idea for a unique position within the company that utilized her background and talent for innovation. Working on the employee’s resume, cover letter and position development plan, she was later able to present the idea to leadership. She continues to receive feedback for her idea and maintains hope she will embark on a new career in a field she is passionate about. With Brittany’s support, she discovered her strength and found a voice to advocate for her ability.