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Part 12: Innovative Work Incentive Practices: The Birth of a Fortune 100 Workplace Education Program

OBJECTIVE: When Tyson Foods provides more stability to their employees and their families, they are finding that those employees bring more stability to the workplace.

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Part 11: Innovative Work Incentive Practices: Promoting Savings and Empowering Hourly Employees

OBJECTIVE:The flexible emergency savings program launched by The Red Tab Foundation is helping Levi Strauss & Co. employees achieve financial security.

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Part 10: Innovative Work Incentive Practices: Support for Working Families

OBJECTIVE: Learn why Patagonia, the outdoor apparel company, believes that providing on-site child care to working families makes good business sense.

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Part 9: Employee Success Through Financial Wellness

OBJECTIVE: Learn how leading manufacturer XLT Ovens has evolved its profit-sharing and financial wellness program to holistically support its team members.

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Part 8: How Non-Traditional Benefits Lead to Higher Retention

OBJECTIVE: Learn how quick-service restaurant Hot Chicken Takeover has adjusted their benefits package to better serve their team members–and how it’s contributed to retention rates that outperform their industry by as much as 5x.

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Part 7: An Empowered Workforce is a Stronger Workforce

OBJECTIVE: From bus passes to employee-led committees and book clubs, the talented team at Namasté Solar feels supported and valued.

Watch this video to learn about how to ask for ideas, opinions and perspectives from employees to increase productivity and make for a more engaged workforce, how activities like a book club have built camaraderie and company culture, how to measure that perks, like providing all employees bus passes, leads to employee retention and higher productivity

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Part 6: Helping Your Workforce Overcome Daily Stressors

OBJECTIVE: From an on-site clinical psychologist to emergency grants for employees, Vail Resorts ensures that its team members have access to the resources they need to be successful on the job.

Watch this video to learn about a global seasonal employer that hired a full-time clinical psychologist to help its employees deal with daily stressors. You’ll also learn about the emergency grant fund that was established by the company’s employees – to support their peers.

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Part 5: Work Life Blend through Flexible Work Arrangements

OBJECTIVE: Hear how Herman Miller provides Flexible Work Arrangements to employees and integrates their phased retirement program.  Get practical tips on how to implement, challenges, and benefits of the programs.

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Part 4: Bringing Health Care In-House through an On-Site Medical Clinic

OBJECTIVE: Learn how New Belgium Brewing decided to meet the most basic needs of its employees by giving their coworkers a choice in healthcare options

Part 3: NewAge Industries ESOP Experience

OBJECTIVE: Propel an inspired workforce through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

Part 1: Supporting Your Talent Pipeline

OBJECTIVE: Learn about simple and affordable benefits your company can offer to retain your front-line workers.

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