Even in today’s competitive economic environment, there is much that companies can do to reduce entry-level turnover costs, increase employee engagement and retention, and create a talent pipeline for the future. Many companies pursue basic strategies to address turnover and promote advancement, such as offering competitive benefits and developing internal career paths. But our research found pioneering companies that are going beyond the basics and addressing turnover in remarkable ways.


In examining the practices of these leading companies, we identified four strategies that markedly improve entry-level retention and advancement. This report is designed to share those strategies and practical suggestions for implementation with corporate leaders across the United States who are seeking to engage, retain, and advance their entry-level workforce.


This report was prepared by FSG, a mission-driven consulting firm supporting leaders in creating large-scale, lasting social change. The research included in this report was made possible through funding by Walmart. The findings, conclusions, and recommendations presented in this report are those of FSG alone, and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Walmart.


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