The hard and soft costs of turnover are now well established in the business literature. Over 100 years of research and analysis on the topic can be distilled into one central point:  Investing in employee retention pays off. But with […]

WorkLife Partnership announced today that Chief Operating Officer Cindy Williams will be presenting at the upcoming HERO Forum23 on Wednesday, September 27 at 2:40 pm. The annual conference featuring senior well-being leaders from exemplary companies will be held September 27-29 […]

Whether you’re an HR professional or last spoke to HR years ago when you were hired, you’re likely affected by HR’s current burnout crisis.  From pandemic-induced workplace upheaval, to the Great Resignation, to recent layoffs spilling over from tech industry […]

WorkLife Partnership announced today it received a $2 million grant to develop a repeatable framework for effectively compelling companies to pursue job quality initiatives from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The project will also identify factors that affect a large […]

Fireside Chat with Mark Peters, CEO of Butterball Farms

Mark Peters shares about the unique opportunity that employers have to impact the lives of their employees for the better, and how that impact helps employers too. Date: February 7, 2023

Who’s Investing in Job Quality Webinar

A panel of impact investors share how they are seeing a return on investment in job quality, and what they look for when they invest. Date: February 27, 2023

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