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We are subject matter experts on the intersection of the human and the worker experience. We support thousands of workers with personal challenges of all kinds, we carry deep knowledge of how these issues impact people both personally and at work, in crisis and over time.

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About WorkLife Partnership

WorkLife Partnership, founded in 2009, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic equity and thriving workplaces across the country. WorkLife deploys its Resource Navigator benefit inside of businesses to provide personalized, immediate, one-on-one assistance when workers need it most. WorkLife Navigators minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability and ultimately increase employee retention and engagement. Currently, more than 65,000 employees across 36 employers are eligible to receive support from WorkLife, and 91 percent of those surveyed by WorkLife said that they felt good working for a company that offers this benefit. WorkLife is guided by its vision that prosperity is possible for everyone through work.


Resource Navigators

WorkLife Resource Navigators support employees one-on-one for as long as they need with issues that traditional benefits can’t meet like safe housing, affordable childcare, debt, and goal setting. They help employees come up with a plan, connect them to the right community resources and encourage their progress along the way. The Resource Navigator program has proven to minimize work disruptions, decrease absenteeism, improve workers’ financial stability and, ultimately increase employee retention and engagement.


Health Benefits Navigation

WorkLife’s Health Benefits Navigator helps workers optimize their health insurance plans, navigate the healthcare system and manage costly medical bills so employees can live a healthier life. This service saved workers more than 150 hours of time last year that would have been spent trying to navigate the system on their own. By supporting workers in choosing and understanding their insurance plan, more employees take advantage of the company’s benefit offerings, fewer employees are distracted by the stress of medical bills and debt, and employees lower claims usage by making more informed choices.


Small Dollar Loans

Launched as a way to support workers for whom safe borrowing is usually unattainable, WorkLife Partnership’s Small Dollar Loans program provides employees in Colorado with safe and affordable loans so they can cover emergency expenses without relying on predatory lending or revolving lines of credit. In the last year, this program became a financial lifeline for employees impacted by COVID-19. Ninety-four percent of WorkLife borrowers said they’re in a better place financially after taking out the loan.

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Our leadership gives expert insight on complex issues around employment and worker well-being.

  • Barriers to work for frontline workers
  • Equity in employee benefits
  • Innovating employee benefits
  • Worker shortages and retention issues
  • Improving job quality
  • Frontline worker recruitment
  • Employee well-being programs
  • Financial health programs
  • Employee experience
  • Worker engagement and productivity
  • Burnout and worker stress
  • Returning to work post-COVID
  • Gender barriers to work and advancement

Our expert Resource Navigators are knowledgeable on many facets of the worker experience.


  • Budgeting and saving
  • Managing debt and credit
  • Safe lending vs. predatory lending
  • Student loan applications/deferment/repayment plans
  • Accessing government benefit programs


Housing & Basic Needs

  • Affordable housing issues
  • Foreclosure/eviction/homelessness
  • Utility bills and shut-offs
  • Reliable transportation
  • Insufficient food/nutrition
  • Finding good childcare

Personal Support

  • Relationships/divorce
  • Parenting
  • Personal growth/goal setting
  • Managing elder care
  • Self care


Health & Insurance

  • Understanding and choosing health plans
  • Finding affordable care
  • Navigating the insurance system
  • Managing medical bills and debt
  • Finding mental health services

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