The number one thing you’ll hear from employees when you ask about their Resource Navigator is “I felt like I had a friend.”

WorkLife’s Navigators take an intentionally inclusive approach in working with people so everyone we support feels respected and cared for. Employees have trust in their Navigators and the resources we connect them to.

Our Navigators

WorkLife Resource Navigators are empathetic listeners, tenacious problem solvers, and natural connectors. Navigators come from human behavior and services backgrounds, with deep community connections. They are housing advocates, youth counselors, job coaches, and community organizers.

Key Skills

On top of the experience Navigators bring with them, they’re trained in a range of critical coaching and support techniques so they bring a flexible set of skills to adapt to diverse clients’ experience and situations.

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Financial guidance
  • Financial empathy & budget optimization
  • Trauma informed care
  • Cultural humility
  • Gender inclusivity

86% of employees feel prepared to handle a similar situation in the future after working with a WorkLife Navigator

How We Work

Resource Navigators start by drawing out anything that is causing the employee stress and reflecting on the goals they want to achieve. Then we focus on what’s most pressing and tackle challenges together one at a time.


Navigators believe everyone is the expert in their own lives, and we respect their experience and perspective so we can offer solutions that are meaningful to them.


Navigators curate resources for every person so our referrals are warm and informed. By connecting clients with community resources, governmental programs, and workplace benefits—and sometimes small amounts of funding to clear an immediate hurdle—we can give people an essential lift, often at a moment when they need it most.


Once the employee is working on their plan, we continue to check in so they have support along the way. Navigators create a safe, approachable, and productive environment that builds employees’ confidence and puts them back in control.

“I was starting to feel a little defeated… and with your help I was able to get everything rolling! This is a huge step for me, and I am so grateful for the resources you’ve been able to provide me.”