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Driving the WorkLife Mission in the Broader Community

Our work extends far beyond employer-based programs, spreading out into the community via a vibrant network of partner programs aimed at creating more opportunities for working people and the nonprofits that serve them.

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Opportunity Youth

5.6 million young adults between 16-24 years of age in the US are neither working nor connected with educational opportunities. Aligned with the 100,000 Opportunities Initiative, WorkLife works with the Denver Metro Chamber’s Opportunity Youth Initiative to help mitigate risk for businesses that hire these young adults. WorkLife focuses on retention and career coaching services to help young adults advance in their jobs.

Employment and Housing

Housing and work go hand in hand. We are proud to partner with the Denver Housing Authority to provide job retention, financial health and essential skills training for low-income workers in selected communities to strengthen the place-based, neighborhood initiative. Because WorkLife is grounded in employer-led programming, our services include engaging business in the success of their home communities.

Best For Colorado

For more information on Best for Colorado or how to take the Challenge, go to

WorkLife Partnership has partnered with Best for Colorado to offer businesses an opportunity to improve their impact by accessing our services. Interested businesses who have already completed the Best for Colorado Challenge assessment can participate in a Jobzology training provided by WorkLife and begin a trial membership with WorkLife

WorkLab Innovations

WorkLab Innovations LLC is a nonprofit under WorkLife Partnership. WorkLab Innovations is set up as a national network to advance worker retention, employee engagement, and productivity for companies employing lower-skill, entry-level workers. WorkLab Innovations will provide technical assistance, best practices, and thought-leadership to communities and organizations wanting to replicate the “workforce sustainability” model of its four founders – WorkLife Partnership, THE SOURCE, Working Bridges, and Connect for Success. In each of the replicated communities, employers, educators, nonprofits, and government organizations collaborate and use the workplace as a platform to offer critical support services to employees in need. The end result is increased stability and more equitable opportunities for employees, improved retention and productivity for employers, and deeper cross-sector partnerships and mutual understanding in our communities.

BridgeBuilder: Combating the Cliff Effect

Low-wage workers exiting TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) benefits have a high likelihood of sliding back into dependency on the program when benefits outweigh wages (this is known as the Cliff Effect). We work with state and county governments by delivering ongoing support and training services that improve the odds of self-sufficiency for those leaving the TANF program.


The Two-Generation approach recognizes the generational link of poverty, which impacts parents and their children. Better employment opportunities, higher wages and working conditions for parents mean a better chance to stabilize a whole family for generations to come. WorkLife helps provide support to two-generation efforts by providing a continuum of services that engage working parents in quality work and training.

Learn more about our Upskill Program here.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

Our programming supports WOIA’s efforts toward job retention and furthering the working relationships between government and community-based organizations. We seek to partner with agencies who want a proven, successful model for job retention and employer engagement to help meet WOIA standards.

Child Care and Work

WorkLife data proves that child care is a critical challenge for employees, especially single mothers trying to advance their careers and make sustainable wages. Through a Strengthening Working Families Initiative Grant, WorkLife is partnering with Aurora Community College to improve the access of working individuals to dependable child care, involve businesses in strengthening child care access and developing innovative ways to improve the quality of work for child care workers. Contact SWFI here.

Employer Training

The RISE (Retention, Inclusion, Stability and Engagement) Presentation introduces employers to the benefits of partnering with community-based organizations and fosters a deeper understanding of community issues that affect a business’ bottom line. RISE serves as a lesson in community building that helps inform business about issues that impact their workforce and provides an innovative angle on what it takes to support a productive employee. RISE is given at no cost to CBOs and businesses across Colorado’s Front Range.

Other Programs we are exploring:

  • Job quality and social determinants of health
  • Consulting for replication
  • Consulting for job-retention programming


Our programs are stronger because we leverage the success of our partners.