When piecemeal solutions won’t do

Workforce well-being is affected by physical, social, financial, mental and professional factors, but few employee benefits connect the dots.  

You need a service that gets to the root of well-being

Resource Navigators connect the dots, combining coaching skills, knowledge of employee benefits and strong partnerships with community resources.

Resource Navigators go deep:  they know which local childcare providers offer sliding-scale fees, which mechanics offer low-cost repairs and how to find safe and affordable housing options.

Resource Navigators cultivate life skills and community connections for each person they serve. These skills and connections empower employees long after their work with the Resource Navigator is done.

Your workforce at its best

*impact data based on responses received to customer satisfaction surveys

How it Works

Will Resource Navigation be a good fit at your company?

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Our Navigators Help Your Employees with Life’s Many Challenges

Our Navigators

WorkLife Resource Navigators come from human behavior and services backgrounds, with deep community connections. They are former financial advisors, housing advocates, youth counselors, job coaches, and community organizers.

Moreover, our Resource Navigators can empathize first-hand with what your employees are going through. They have lived through food insecurity, financial insecurity, and health challenges themselves, and they are passionate about helping.

Hear from Employer Members

“Providing our employees with access to WorkLife navigators and services has been one of our most valuable and well-utilized employee well-being initiatives during these very difficult last few years. If you have a goal you’re working towards or a problem you’re trying to solve, WorkLife Navigators can help. When I refer an employee to WorkLife, I know they’re in great hands. WorkLife’s willingness to understand our organization’s unique culture, needs, and challenges has been instrumental in providing employees with the specific support they need to thrive both at work and outside of work.”

Kristin Ellis, MPH, MURP, Workplace Wellness Strategist, Denver Health