Conducted by WorkLife Partnership, Winter/Spring 2021

A food service franchisee engaged in an early-state ROI and Impact study with WorkLife Partnership in order to assess the performance of a new employee benefit investment: Resource Navigator Services. The company’s goals were to augment its supportive workplace culture and reduce turnover through this new benefit offering.

Surveying for the Impact and ROI study was conducted approximately one year into the launch of the Resource Navigator Service. Just over 790 employees responded to the survey. Of the respondents, 82 had utilized the Resource Navigator Service. Despite the small sample size of RNS “users”, the data collected provided strong insight into the first-year performance of this new benefit offering, notably:

  • 82 percent of survey respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they “felt good working for a company that offered this service.”

  • 60% of Resource Navigator Service users reporting decreased stress levels and increased confidence levels.

  • 73% of managers reporting “it makes my job easier to have a service like Resource Navigator Service to refer employees to.”

  • 68% of managers reporting the service helped their employees retain their jobs either “a lot” or “moderately”

  • 62% of managers reporting the service helped their employees be less distracted at work either “a lot” or “moderately”

  • 34% of RNS users reporting the Resource Navigator significantly impacted their ability to stay in their jobs.

  • A Year 1 estimated ROI of 28%.

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