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5 Keys to Measuring the ROI of Employee Retention Investments (Accurately)

The hard and soft costs of turnover are now well established in the business literature. Over 100 years of research and analysis on the topic can be distilled into one central point:  Investing in employee retention pays off. But with […]

Investing in workers when inflation is high

Over the last several months, the employees we work with have started to feel the impact of rising inflation. Everything from the cost of food to gasoline to utilities are putting a financial strain on working families across the country. […]

Building Psychological Safety in the Workplace

“Worklife Partnership provided invaluable support during some very difficult times in my life. Not only did my Navigator help me feel less stressed with the support that was provided, I also felt more confident and stable in tackling life hurdles […]

How to create a flexible and inclusive work culture that promotes well-being

There are many downsides of boundaryless working. Organizations can combat this by developing their own flexibility programs and policies. The key to finding the right balance between workplaces without boundaries and flexible work options for workers is to go directly […]

Women are leaving the workforce in record numbers

One in three women said that they considered downshifting their career or leaving the workforce in 2021. Things aren’t showing signs of slowing down with 275,000 women leaving the workforce just this past January. Women have struggled with the “double […]

Three Years Into the Pandemic, Challenges Facing Workers Show No Signs of Slowing Down

WorkLife Partnership 2021 Impact Report confirms burnout trends, highlights importance of diverse benefit offerings WorkLife Partnership, a nonprofit organization that partners with employers to understand and meet the real, evolving needs of their frontline workers, released its 2021 Impact Report, […]

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