UpSkill - Building Talented Teams. A program of WorkLife Partnership

Building Talented Teams

What is Upskill?

Upskill, a program of WorkLife Partnership, is a benefit for employees and employers alike. By proactively investing resources into their existing workforce, companies can increase employee skills, satisfaction, and retention. This translates to a happier, more productive workforce and decreased company expenditure on staff recruitment and training. Program offerings include access to educational and job skill training and interpersonal and professional skills coaching.

The Upskill program creates a customized plan aligning your existing workforce with your organizational needs and goals. From basic computer and customer service skills to management training, we work with you to elevate your workforce.

Business Benefits

  • Customizable for employer needs
  • Identify and develop career pathways
  • Access to training and coaching
  • Measurable and data driven
  • Develop talent into top performers

Employee Benefits

  • Stronger provider for family
  • Strengthened job security
  • Customizable coaching
  • Access to advanced training
  • Potential for higher wages and benefits

Our Customized Service Approach

We will work with you to develop aligned existing career pathway resources and connect you with existing training offerings that meet your budget. Upskill Coaches will provide dedicated soft-skills training and job coaching with staff at all employment levels.

Ask us how we can help align your talent with your vision to further your business’ goals. We always begin with the buy-in from leadership, and will plan with you first to discuss your talent-building goals.

Tier 1

  • Customized Playbook
    • Top performer identification and career pathway cultivation with your talent development team
  • Manager Training
    • Customized coaching for employer expectations; helping them to support their teams
  • Reporting + Metrics
    • Our coaching is measurable for organizational needs and values

Tier 2

  • All services included in Tier 1, plus:
  • 1:1 Competency Focused Employee Coaching
    • Referral to Training
    • Mentoring
    • Employee Progress Report

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