WorkLife Resource Navigators are an employee benefit like no other. When you partner with WorkLife, you give your employees a trusted person they can call, text, or email any time they need a resource, an answer, a sounding board, or a road map.

We’re people helping people solve real problems

We’re designed to help people with the problems we all face but other benefits ignore—things like bills, budgeting, car repairs, caretaking, relationships, legal concerns, goal setting, healthy habits, and self care.


People connect with one Navigator who supports them all the way through, for as long it takes. Navigators spend on average 3 hours with each employee. WorkLife gives you someone on your side who really cares.

“You can tell her anything and she will help come up with a game plan. After every phone call she makes me feel like I’m going to be alright.”

We connect your employees to their community

There are so many resources out there to help people, but it’s hard to navigate on your own. With deep expertise and connections to community organizations, we curate the right resources for each person to get exactly the support they need.


As a 501c3 nonprofit, we can provide direct supportive funds to prevent compounding financial problems and get them back on the path to stability.


cash assistance provided directly to employees to stay in their homes, keep the lights and heat on, buy groceries, and get to work.

We raise the standard of well-being

You know employee well-being is essential to a healthy company culture, but many well-being benefits only impact a single facet of health. WorkLife Navigators are a single employee benefit that can support financial, mental, social, and physical health.


When your people have access to that kind of support, they are less stressed, less distracted, more present, and more likely to stay in their job.


of the employees we serve say working with a WorkLife Navigator helped them to stay in their job

WorkLife Navigators are a benefit people truly value


Net Promoter Score from the employees we serve


say they’re more likely to stay at their company because a Resource Navigator is available


of employees feel good working for a company that offers a Resource Navigator