St. Mary’s Medical Center, part of the SCL Health family, is one of WorkLife Partnership’s newest employers. The medical center is located in Grand Junction, Colo. WorkLife has offices in Denver and Northern Colorado, but technology is making it easy for us to serve the employees of the largest medical center between Denver and Salt Lake City.

Navigator Nathan Crow says he’s primarily relied on phone calls to reach employees of St. Mary’s, but his reach is about to expand with video conferencing and “tele-navigation.”

Increasingly, more professionals are leveraging video calls to work with clients and customers. The trend is common in the healthcare field with doctors and patients working together from afar, thanks to technology. WorkLife also recently added a new texting platform that helps our Navigators communicate with groups of employees.

Nathan says St. Mary’s has created a new dedicated spot where employees will be able to speak with him via video conferencing for tele-navigation sessions. He’s looking forward to the new opportunity this will provide.

“We’ve always met with employees where they need to be met,” Nathan says. “Phone calls and texts are great, but sometimes nothing replaces an in-person meeting, especially when we trying to help people with personal problems. Our new venture into tele-navigation is the logical step to connect with people and improve their lives.”

He will use the same technology St. Mary’s Medical Center uses for its healthcare professionals to work with patients.

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