WorkLife Partnership’s Upskill Program includes a three-tiered approach of work-based learning, continued education, and career navigation. The program has already found immense success and will continue to grow to meet demands.

The first question many people have is what upskilling is and what our program offers. Our program is comprehensive and designed to help employees and employers. Though only in our first few months of work, we are already seeing success stories and positive accolades from our clients and their employers.

The need for upskilling is everywhere. Business leaders nationwide see continued challenges filling positions and are unable to find prospects with the skills they need in their organizations. Colorado has the lowest unemployment rate in the nation–making finding talent here even more challenging. Employers that are able to build talent from within will have a clear advantage.

Worklife Partnership is strengthening our services for employers by assisting with stabilization of their workforce and by addressing skills gaps and aligning current employees with training opportunities relevant to internal pathway development and professional growth.

“There is a mismatch between job openings and people looking for work,” according to the report Developing America’s Frontline Workers, by The Aspen Institute. “It is estimated that five million jobs in the U.S. are unfilled. At the same time, there are roughly 8.7 million Americans looking for work and 24 million frontline workers who might be able to fill these jobs if they were given the opportunity to develop additional skills.”

Upskilling just makes business sense. It’s a way to address the continued and growing shortage of skilled talent. It helps retain that talent. The retention helps cap turnover costs. Finally, it works to promote and strengthen your organization’s brand and culture.

Upskilling includes:

  • Work-Based Learning – on-the-job experience, apprenticeship and training
  • Continued Education – Higher education programs, professional certifications
  • Career Navigation – Assistance and advocacy for employees to find the best opportunities for their personal skills development and career development.

Here’s some of the feedback we have received so far:

“The coaching has been invaluable. I approached WorkLife for career coaching. While going through the coaching, communication, expectation and other (work) issues started arising. My coach helped me analyze the situation, view it from all sides and parties involved and ask the right questions. She also helped me create my talking points because emotionally charged topics can be difficult (to maintain articulate composure)…I now feel so much better, the coaching lead to immediate, positive results, and I feel confident the continued coaching will get me through this tough time and set me up for success going forward. This is very different than any experience with HR. It’s nice that my coach is independent, and I don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest or politics. Everything I receive has timelines and is actionable. I know she’s on my team and her priority is helping me become better. Thank you!”

“I was struggling with where my career path would go at (my employer) because it is unclear what the next steps or available options would be from my position. I sought out WorkLife to see what services they could offer, and was matched with Amy, an amazing coach! She has really helped me figure out my goals and resume. I am hoping (to stay at my employer) because I don’t want to leave…but I need more guidance and understanding of what is available and how to move around within (the company).”

“I came across the Upskill coaching program as part of a free trial through my employer. My coach Amy is very knowledgeable and highly skilled in career coaching and providing specific resources for increasing my productivity and happiness at my current position. She has helped me develop a unique, detailed, and personalized plan to further my professional success in the future. I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a helpful, innovative program. I would recommend the Upskill Coaching program to anyone looking to enhance their time management, interpersonal communication, and self-awareness skills in the workplace and beyond. Thank you!”


Contact Kate Ridings, UpSkill Director, to learn how we can help you retain, engage and upskill your workforce.