A testimonial from a WorkLife client:

When I moved to Colorado to start a new job, I knew that I would have the same salary, but the cost of living was 200% what I was accustomed to in Kansas City. I also owed significant debt to the IRS due to an error. I was having a hard time digging out from this tax debt, and I was scared about how I was going to make things work financially in Colorado. On top of that, I ultimately wanted to get into a place of my own since the cost of real estate was skyrocketing.

I first connected with a WorkLife Navigator back in 2017. The Navigator helped me build a budget which showed me where I was spending my money and how much leeway I had for tackling my debts and getting into a house. We calculated my tax liability going forward, so I knew how much extra to set aside come tax season. The Navigator also helped me understand the various letters I received from the IRS—which are unnecessarily difficult to comprehend—and eased a lot of stress that comes from interacting with the IRS.

The Navigator also helped me feel confident in my decision to purchase a townhome. I got a roommate and set the extra money aside for taxes. When tax time came around in the beginning of 2018, I was finally in the black. With the extra amount I had set aside, I was also able to pay off a pesky student loan from my undergrad. I began developing a savings. My stress levels started to come down.

This tax season, I am not only in the black, but I have a refund coming my way. I’m making plans for when my old car needs to be replaced and for unplanned expenses related to the house. This program, and my Navigator in particular, have been a life saver. I used to stay up all night panicking about finances. It negatively impacted every part of my life. Now, I am feeling financially healthier, and I am able to give more of my attention to my family and to other things that really matter.