Three new companies recently signed on to offer the services of WorkLife Partnership to their employees–RK Mechanical, Denver Health, and St. Mary’s Medical Center in Grand Junction.

Our services are aimed at helping employees stabilize their personal lives, so they can focus on work. The end result is a win for the community and the employer. Stable employees keep their jobs and are able to contribute more meaningfully to their workplaces. Companies that buy-in to WorkLife’s services see an annual return on investment that exceeds 250%.

Did you know that we can work with smaller businesses in a co-op type arrangement? Reach out today to see how we can help your company save on turnover costs. We saved Colorado businesses over $2 million in retention costs in 2016 alone. It’s time to stop accepting the cost of turnover as business as usual.

RK Mechanical is a Colorado mechanical contractor offering steel fabrication, manufacturing, facilities maintenance services, electrical and water treatment. The company offers a robust apprenticeship program and employee development. Named as one of the top 10 places to work and one of Colorado’s healthiest workplaces by the Denver Business Journal, RK Mechanical’s new collaboration with WorkLife Partnership is poised to bring continued enrichment to its growing employee base.

Denver Health is one of Colorado’s premier healthcare institutions and is home to one of four Level I Trauma Centers in the state. About a quarter of all Denver residents, or roughly 150,000 people, get their health care at Denver Health, which provides level one care to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. One in three children in Denver is cared for by Denver Health physicians. With a diverse base of employees, Denver Health’s staff now has access to WorkLife Partnership’s programs to help them care for themselves and their families after providing care to Denver families.

St. Mary’s Medical Center is located in Grand Junction, Colo. and is part of the SCL Health, a faith-based, nonprofit healthcare organization. WorkLife serves several other SCL Health locations and is now welcoming St. Mary’s Medical Center into the fold. Most recently, St. Mary’s Medical Center employees were referred to WorkLife Partnership’s services when they used SCL Health’s Humanitarian Fund Assistance Program, which offers no-interest loans or small grants to associates experiencing financial hardship. Repayments are made in increments through automatic payroll deduction.