Workplace Engagement

RISE Presentation

The RISE (Retention, Inclusion, Stability and Engagement) Presentation introduces employers to the need for WorkLife’s services in our community and helps you understand how these four pillars impact your productivity, talent retention, and bottom line — and how leadership can better communicate with the frontline. (There is no cost for this presentation.)

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Advances in additional skills — available through learning, training, credentialing or education — means reaping the time investment you’ve made in your workers, leveraging their organizational knowledge and increasing your competitive advantage.

We also offer customized training developed in response to the needs of our employer members.  Our training menu includes:

  • Communications
  • Computer Skills
  • Customer Service
  • Health and Wellness
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Training
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • GED Certificate Courses
  • Conflict Management
  • English as a Second Language

No two employers face the exact training challenges. We will work with you to address your unique training needs.

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Financial Health Education

Designed to help your team recognize the underlying distress that finances cause in their life — and acquire the skills necessary to cope with the common pressures that contribute to instability and stress. Money management skills often lag through all levels of the workforce, but are central to your team’s social, emotional and physical well-being and should be part of any employee health programming.

WorkLife delivers Financial Health Institute curriculum to help your working team address financial stress in a healthy, non-confrontational way. All of our Navigators are trained financial coaches. In addition, we lead financial health workshops (ranging from one to eight hours) that help people of all income levels build better habits with money.

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Access to Safe Borrowing - Self Sufficiency Loan Program

Quick access to as little as $500 can be the difference between keeping a job and losing it.

We partner with Colorado credit unions to provide your employees with better options than payday loans, advances on paychecks or borrowing from a retirement fund when they face financial emergencies.

We make borrowing safe and tie it to a fiduciary agency while driving better financial literacy and long-term savings habits.

Our loan program is built on a proven model from the Filene Research Institute.

Participating credit unions include:

Metrum Community Credit Union

You don’t have to be a member to participate. We can easily help you set up your program with any willing credit union.

Free Tax Prep

Paying too much to file taxes is a common mistake for workers who want to cash in on their tax returns. We make filing easy by bringing free tax prep help to your worksite. Our Navigators give your employees access to free tax assistance through VITA (volunteer income tax assistance), combined with budget, banking, and financial planning help. This benefit is included with any basic membership.

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Workplace Giving Campaigns

Sometimes the person needing help is sitting right next to you. WorkLife will support any employer-led efforts to help raise funds from the workplace to help their own employees pay for items like discounted bus passes, food vouchers, emergency housing, or emergency medical expenses.

We can administer your program or help you develop new ideas for improving your internal philanthropy initiatives. Our data-driven approach will help you focus on the right needs and our program support will make your efforts easier.

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