Workplace Retention

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WorkLife Partnership’s Sustainable Workforce Model is expanding nationally through WorkLab Innovations. The Model of Sustainable Workforce works. Our member companies see an average return on investment of over 250% annually. This short video explains our work and the benefits for employers, workers and the community.

Individualized Retention Support

Our Navigators combine direct coaching and assistance with on-site presence to help your employees face obstacles to stable employment such as housing, finance, transportation and legal issues that would otherwise lead to higher turnover and disengagement for your company.

On-Site Support

Our programs include regular on-site visits to reinforce other aspects of your employee benefits package. We interface with managers through the frontline to ensure maximum participation.

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All programs provide actionable data feedback. The benefit areas below help employees who are struggling with:

Career Fit Assessment

We use tools like JobZology to help you find your values, interests, and preferences in your work — then coach you on how to talk about them to your supervisors.

Financial Stress

85% of the employees we work with have an underlying financial issue — whether it’s “more month than money” or asset management. We help people making any amount with personal cash flow, retirement, college, or elder care financial challenges.


We’ll advocate in court for you or connect you to a reputable attorney for issues like family law, bankruptcy, divorce, or estate planning. We’ll work within your budget.

Conflict Management

Conflict exists throughout our work day and can brew into bigger issues. See your Navigator to talk through resolution strategies before you quit your job!

Credit Building

Our loan program, financial health education, and financial counseling are geared toward helping you build your credit for better access to money, borrowing, and buying. Skip the pay day loans and see your Navigator!


Whether it’s mounting health bills, financial assistance for a needed procedure, dental care, or alternative wellness approaches, your Navigator can help you deal with the rising cost of caring for your family.

Talk to Your Manager

#1 reason people leave their job is because of their manager. Ask your navigator to help role-play difficult discussions that you want to have with your managers. Turn conflict into an opportunity to improve your professional development. We’ll help with negotiations, better job-fit conversations, or concerns.


We all experience it, but when it’s always there, it affects your relationships, family, friends, co-workers, health and ability to perform on the job. Your Navigator always listens with an open heart and provides you with strategies to help.

Navigate Government Benefits

Understanding where, when and how to access government benefits can take days or weeks. We make gaining access to benefits like child care subsidies, food voucher programs like WIC, housing subsidies, and child support less time-consuming. Our Navigators know exactly who to turn to for each county-run benefit program and will save you time and headaches.

Understand Company Benefits

Learning the benefits of your company, how it affects your personal budget, and what best long-term options to choose can get overwhelming. Paired with our budgeting services, your Navigator will help you understand your benefits and talk through how opting in can help your cash flow in the long run. We also have Spanish-speaking Navigators to help translate some of the more detailed aspects of benefits packages.


One in ten individuals experience garnished wages. You’re not alone. Whether it’s bad debt or child support or something else, we’ll work through those money issues to help make your job worth showing up for!

Tax Return

We’re the only organization that does free tax returns AT THE WORKPLACE — with total confidentiality and flexibility. We offer our services from January to April each year and will announce our scheduled dates for your worksite. We can also work on more serious tax issues throughout the year.

Mental Health

25% of adults experience mental illness in any given year. Prolonged stress, a traumatic event, health issues or family illnesses can be overwhelming. We have low-fee therapy, counseling, and behavioral health resources for you and can provide them quicker than most assistance programs.

Child Care

With one of the highest child care costs in the nation, finding safe care for your children may seem impossible. We go beyond providing you lists of quality child care resources and want to understand your work schedule, budget, and work route to make child care work for you.

Access To Education

Employers are asking for more middle-level workers to help meet business demands. WorkLife wants to stabilize you in your job, but also wants to help you seek out opportunities that will help increase your wages. We’ll help you navigate education programs, find the best “bang for your buck,” and ensure the institutions are accredited and credible.

Communication Skills

We work one-on-one to navigate difficult conversations or provide communication training to groups. Training includes topics such as Emotional Intelligence, Social Communication Styles, Team Building, Motivational Interviewing, The Four Agreements, and Mentorship.


Are you spending more than 30% of your income on housing? Colorado’s housing rates are skyrocketing, so it’s no surprise you might be having a hard time finding a place to live. We don’t have apartments for sale, but we will help you think through alternatives and options within your budget.

Banking Navigation

Using a bank and the right banking products for your lifestyle helps pave the way for better opportunities in things like interest rates, obtaining housing, buying a car, and improving your credit score. We’ll connect you to better banking methods and products to help you now and in the future.

Reliable Transportation

We offer discounted bus passes and also help with securing used vehicles to help you get to work. We’ll plan carpooling efforts and public transportation routes.

Elder Care

Trying to navigate care for your loved ones as they journey into old age is time consuming and daunting for even the best-networked person. We can help with finding legal assistance, resources, programs, and services that fit your family’s needs.

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